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Transfer Systems

Belt, Friction and Screw Drive Systems
Diamond Automation's transfer systems are designed for overhead material handling. These systems come in three mechanical drive configurations: friction, screw and belt drive. Each drive system has different application advantages. A belt drive is good for long distance and higher speed transfers, while friction drives are more robust and have a built-in break away feature and screw drives are best suited for applications that need accurate positioning. Belt, friction and screw drive systems are all available with three different motor drive technologies: AC VFD, Pneumatic or Servo drive systems. Call Diamond Automation at (517) 646-9637 to speak to an application engineer about your material transfer application

Convey / Lift / Tip-Up / Rotate /
Shift Diamond Automation's split belt conveyors are designed to handle flat and odd shaped material and use a modular design concept that allows you to configure your material handling system. Select a conveyor, lift and rotate you can quickly design a material handling system for any application. Diamond's elastic belting is designed to protect your material and keep it oriented during transfer and can handle multiple parts without any tooling changes. Call Diamond Automation at (517) 646-9637 to speak to an application engineer about your material handling application.

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Tip-Up with mid drive conveyors Lift and Rotate with mid drive conveyors
Pallet Conveyor Rollover with mid drive conveyors
p0000374 Single Carriage Shuttle
Wide Flat belt conveyor SINGLE CARRIAGE SHUTTLE - Transfer with mid drive conveyors and lifter

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